Students, faculty find fun in snow days

Joelliza Fincher, General News Reporter

Duncan Middle School had snow days because of the alarming snow that came this week.

Duncan Middle School had virtual days Monday, Tuesday and today, and canceled for Wednesday and Thursday. These snow days can be overwhelming and cause parents and students to have stress with work.

Playing in the snow can help you be less stressed out. Having a fun snow day with your parents can be fun.

“I’ve pretty much stayed inside most of the time but me and my siblings went outside and played in the snow,” Anavrin Sorensen, a student at Duncan Middle School, said.

One of the fun things Sorensen did was have a photo shoot. Her mom is a photographer so they got to take photos together.

“I built a fire with my best friend and made breakfast for dinner,” Babra Davis, a counselor at Duncan Middle School, said. 

Sorenson and Davis both had fun.

Other kids have decided just to stay inside and be warm and others thought it would be fun to go outside and play in the snow. 

Some fun things to do on a snow day is to go outside and build a snowman or if it’s too cold you could have some hot cocoa. you could re-watch your favorite TV show if that’s something your interested in.

“We need to all be grateful for what is working in our life we tend to focus on the pressure and the stress instead of beauty in our lives,” Davis said.