8th graders choosing to try out for Pom or Cheer

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Editor

As days go on, kids get older. The eighth-graders will soon try out for High School Pom or Cheer. Pom has three spots to fill in order to have a complete team. Pom tryouts will be on March 2, 2021. 

Ava Johnson said,” I will try out for Pom instead of Cheerleading because Pom is basically dancing, and I’m more experienced in dance than cheerleading.”

Both pom and cheer will dance and cheer at the games

Johnson said,” I feel that I will make the team because I’m the only one trying out in the eighth-grade class that I know of, and a junior is trying out so there will be one spot left. I feel that eighth-grade cheer will be a different one because I’m doing pom and because there will be way more dancing, compositions, and half-time dances. I think it will be more of a team and there is a camp to get you prepared for what’s going to happen for pom.”

A cheer and parent meeting will be held on Thursday, March 4th at 6 pm in the high school gym. Tryout clinic will be on March 8-10 from 4-6 pm, but cheer tryouts will be on March 11th at 4 pm.

Christy Cleark said,” I’m sad that my eighth graders are leaving. I can’t do anything to help them, but don’t give up and focus to achieve your goals. I have no influence on who gets in, just advice I can give my cheerleaders or students that are trying out.”

Ava Miller said,” I’ve been in cheer for two years now and I think I will be much more prepared with some experience from 7th and 8th grade Cheer. I don’t know if I will make it, but I hope I do. I’ve put a lot of effort and practice into it. It will be different because it will be more advanced, but the older kids can help. They will be influencing us and help us out with the cheers that we need to learn.”