Spring sport pictures come to DMS

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Reporter

On Wednesday the spring sports pictures were taken. The people that play spring sports got to take pictures yesterday. Mr.Miller is the journalism, newspaper, and yearbook teacher he helped with taking the pictures and making sure it goes through smoothly. The Oklahoma school pictures are the people that come to Duncan and take the pictures.

Derek Miller said,”Picture days can be hectic because there are so many kids involved. Overall, there’s not much I dislike about it. I distribute photo cards, which help the photographer know who each student is. I also help keep things orderly..supervision is important because it helps keep people doing what they need to do. If I wasn’t there, there wouldn’t be organization, and things would get much harder. Organization helps things go more quickly and more smoothly.”

The sports that they took pictures for are tennis, track, baseball, and golf. This all took place outside . This year with COVID going on they didn’t have to wear a mask since they were outside.

Cadence Hill Said,”I hate the fact that I would have to wear boots if I don’t get my shoes for the pictures. My favorite part is that I get to get it over with and my mom will have the pictures.”

They also took spring pictures called first through third hour. You only got to take pictures if you brought money for the package you picked. 

Ava Johnson said,” The spring pictures went good I don’t really like that nobody’s there, and it was pretty slow, only one guy was there.”