Golf tournament coming up at home

Dylan Harty, Sports reporter

    This upcoming Monday, on the ninth, is the Duncan Middle School’s boys and girls’ first golf tournament of this season. They have been practicing since Tuesday the 2nd. The first invitation is called the Falconhead Turner held on March 31 and being played by the boys.  The tournament is being held in Duncan at the Country Club, The head coaches this year are John Strickland and Robert Cowan. There are no other coaches coaching this year for the golf team so far.

Grayson Brooksher (Hayden Irby)

Some of the things that one of the players, Grayson Brooksher, said is that he is ready for this upcoming tournament to play in. Brooksher is an eighth grader here. He said that he does not know what competition and teams he is going up against. This is Brooksher’s second year to get the chance to go to the tournament, and he was glad that he got to go to it last year because COVID-19 had not hit yet at the time. He also said that he thinks he and his team are ready for this upcoming year of golf to play in. 

The boys and girls only have four tournaments in the entire season, which ends in a tournament on the 14th of April in Ardmore. Golf has the shortest sports season of all of the sports at DMS. The tournaments last all day. In all the golf team boys and girls have a count of seven tournaments and invitations to participate in and play. There are also some games where the boys are playing and the girls are not and the other way around as well. But mostly important is that the team is ready to take on the competition that they are going up against this Monday.