State testing starts next week

This week, the kids that are enrolled in virtual learning at Duncan Middle School are on campus to do their State Testing. Testing for virtual learners started at the beginning of this week and will be ending this Thursday, giving virtual students a whole week to complete all of their tests.

Billy McClinton (Hayden Irby)

The in-person sixth and seventh grade students will begin testing the week after the virtual testing finishes up, starting on the Monday of April 12, 2021. These grades will only be tested on the two main subjects, english and math. Eighth grade students will start their State Tests the week after the previous testing for the other two grades. Unlike the other two grades, the eighth graders will be tested on four subjects: english, math, science, and writing.

Sixth grader Tristen Carrasco has mixed feelings about State Testing starting soon. “I’m not ready, but I am at the same time. My teachers taught me a lot, and I feel like they did a good job reviewing the stuff we learned,” Tristen says. Although Tristen feels he personally could use a little more review on certain subjects, he feels good about the test and is confident he will pass.

Seventh grader Billy McClinton is nervous for his State Testing. “I think I’m prepared, but I’m also kind of nervous for the outcome and what’s gonna happen.” Although Billy is nervous, he also feels that he can be able to do great.