Students finish up state testing

Last Thursday, state testing ended, and students were able to go back to their regular schedules. A few students had to continue the testing week due to their absences. If students have an elective class for their first hour, they were placed into a randomly selected core classroom to complete their state testing in. 

 “I’m happy that testing is done and I’m very ready for the school year to end,” Grayson Brooksher said.  “ELA was my favorite test,” Brooksher said. We took four tests. We took a English, Writing, math, and science test Grayson said “I was ready for testing and I think that I passed”. 

7th grade student Andrew McFarland was ready for his state test. He had no particular testing strategies, but he thinks he did well on his tests. McFarland tested in Jenny Sutherland’s room with a few other friends of his. Out of the two total tests, he preferred math over reading. He was ready for the tests, but was excited once the days were over with. 

Another 7th grade student offered to share their input on state testing. Christina  Ward, a student at Duncan Middle School was prepared for the upcoming testing days. Ward was very joyful once testing week ended. “Testing was sweet,” said Ward. Ward tested in Amara Smith’s room, and was very excited to see a few other friends in there with her. Since Ward is in 7th grade, she completed a total of 2 state tests. Ward’s favorite test she took was Math, because she doesn’t enjoy reading.