Football players share their opinion on the game

Tavion Holland and Blake Wilson

Jacob Conn

Today we interviewed some football players and 7th grader Keiston Rosado said “they are bad, and they are slow.” Jenson Prince says “We played badly, and they played better than we did, that is why they won.” Kieston Rosado got 5 tackles and Jensen Prince got 2 tackles. The score was 16-8 Cache.

The next student interviewed was an 8th grader, Jacob Conn. He says “We were pretty good on offense, but if we would have wrapped up it would have been a whole different game.” He also says they did well offensively and they made their tackles.” Jacob Conn thinks that he played better than last game. He also said that his defense was good, but his offense could have been better and he says they need to work on their offensive line.

The next student interviewed Sawyer Rice, the quarterback for the 8th grade duncan demons. He scored once on a rushing touchdown and he threw a touchdown to the tight end Kadyn Armstrong. The score was 45-22 Cache. The next game will be away and it will be on Tuesday, September 14th against the Elgin Owls. 7th grade starts at 5:30 P.M and 8th grade starts at 7:00 P.M.