Demon softball take on Cache

Recently on 9 -9 -21 the Duncan Demon Junior varsity and varsity Softball team had played cache. The Duncan Demons played at their field. The junior Varsity team won five to nothing. Varsity had lost one to nothing.

Some students that were interviewed from the Duncan Demon softball team such as Raelyn Crow, Brooklyn Pruitt, and Peyton Waggoner. Raelyn Crow on the varsity team, who is the catcher, didn’t play because she has an injury in her hand. But she was at the game to watch it. She said that she thinks that the game went well and said, “Yes the team did well as a team.” Luckily, there were no injuries during the game. Sadly, there were no home runs either.

7th grade player Raelyn Crow said there were about thirty foul balls and about 13 strikeouts. Brooklynn Pruitt whose position is in the outfield got no hits. She thinks that Cache is not better as a team than the Duncan Demons. Peyton Waggoner didn’t play, but she watched it on facebook. She had said, “I think we did good as a team and worked together.” Waggoner is on the varsity team and wasn’t able to play because she was quarantined.