Big Kahuna chocolate fundraiser gets underway at DMS

Charlee Lafee and Delilah Ballard

The Chocolate fundraiser started Wednesday and is going on until October 12th. The money that DMS earns is going back to the students and staff. There are 30 candy bars in a box, and each chocolate bar is $2. The students and staff would appreciate it if you purchase some chocolate bars! 

Blaze Black, a 6th-grade student, expressing how he feels about the fundraiser. This will be his first chocolate fundraiser since he’s been at Duncan middle school. He’s very excited about it since he likes chocolate and he knows everyone else likes chocolate. Black says that he plans on participating, that he plans to sell 5+ boxes. Black explains what he thinks the money is going towards; he says, “I think the money that’s being raised is going towards students’ education, more textbooks, and more teaching tools.” 

Duncan Middle School is hosting a chocolate fundraiser, to support the students and staff memebers. (Charlee Lafee)

Another 6th-grade student, Keller Atchley, gives his voice to the fundraisers. This is also his first chocolate fundraiser for DMS. He plans to participate so he can help the school, he wants the money to go towards all the stuff that has been stolen. Atchley said, “I am very excited for this fundraiser and I love chocolate so much, so this helps my craving.”  

Addison O’Donnell, a 6th-grade student, speaks her opinions about the chocolate fundraiser.  She is very excited about this fundraiser and she explains that this is her first fundraiser, and hopes to raise enough money for whatever the fundraiser is for. O’Donnell says “ I am doing the fundraiser because I believe that I want to help, and I say the money is going to what the school needs most.” 

Lastly, 6th-grade student Mckenzie Graham explains her feeling about this fundraiser and tells that she is very excited about it and that it will become a good outcome for it.  Graham says “ that the money we raise will be going to us students and our school supplies.” She also believed that it is going to some of the sick students; ones that need treatment money. 

Landon Chambless, an 8th-grade student, expresses his opinions on the fundraiser. This will not be his first fundraiser, he participated in the fundraiser when he was a 6th-grade student. Chambless is very excited about this fundraiser, he says, “I wish I could participate but I’m a very busy person and I don’t think I will have time to sell chocolates.”  Landon thinks all the money is going towards all the missing soap dispensers since they’ve all gone missing recently. 

Another 8th-grade student, Jacob conn, gives his voice to the fundraiser. He also participated in the fundraiser when he was in 6th grade, that was the last time we have had a fundraiser since this year.  Jacob thinks the fundraiser is a good opportunity to help the school, most students, and staff. He is surely gonna participates this year,l he says “I plan on participating for sure this year, I want to ride one of those busses.” he believes all the money is going towards whatever the school needs: the stolen supplies, textbooks, more desk, and chairs, etc.

Mrs. Glasscock, the vice-principal, explains the fundraiser and how it can help. Mrs. Glasscock is a very important part of the fundraiser. She is very excited about the fundraiser; she says, “Absolutely I am excited about the fundraiser! We wanted a second chocolate bar fundraiser last year, but with all of the quarantines, we felt it would get too complicated.  I am excited and anxious to get started and see how it goes this year.” she wishes that many students will participate. She understands that not every student can, for many reasons, but those who can participate, will. She explains where all the money from the fundraisers is going towards, “All money raised from this fundraiser will go back to the students and staff.  We will use the money to help pay for student and teacher incentive gifts/prizes.  The money will help fund classroom materials and supplies.  If we do well with the fundraiser, the money will pay for a special speaker to come to the school and special field trips.”

This fundraiser is very important for the school, the money goes back to all students and staff. The fundraiser started this Wednesday and is continuing until October 12th. All students and staff will appreciate it very much if you purchase, there are 30 chocolate bars per box and they’re only $2 each.