Chicago Bears fall in week three

Blake Wilson , Sports Editor

      On Sunday, September 27, The Chicago Bears played the Cleveland Browns. The Bears lost 26-6. The bears again looked terrible. They got a few sacks but that about it. The offense was awful and they couldn’t even get a touchdown. They got all their points from field goals. The Browns were able to do pretty much whatever they wanted on offense. They were throwing the ball over the Bear’s defense and ran the ball all over them. Justin Fields also got his first career start for the bears. Fields only threw for 68 yards in his 20 pass attempts. They also couldn’t run the ball very well. They only got 46 yards rushing which is a season-low. Myles Garret got nearly 5 sacks and was pressuring the quarterback almost every play. Baker Mayfield, The Browns quarterback threw for 246 yards and 1 touchdown pass. The running back for the Browns, Nick Chubb ran for 84 yards and the backup running back ran for 81 yards. Baker Mayfield also ran for a decent amount of yards with a total of 36. The Bears are now 1-2 on the season and second in the NFC North behind their rival the Green Bay Packers.