Student talks about new learning program

Carson Hoodenpyle, Academics Editor

            So there’s this program called Classcraft. It’s used for learning about science and STEM-related topics. I’ve been using it for about a month and as such, I’m going to write a column on it. There’s gonna be a lot of criticizing and constructive criticism that goes into this.

Classcraft is a good learning program to start this thing off. It’s easy to use so it provides good ease of access, it shows visual representations so it’s easier to understand and comprehend what you’re learning about, and it has the aspects of video games to make it more fun as well. 

The first thing I’m gonna talk about is how it works. The first thing is your character. You get to customize a character and choose what it looks like. To do this though, you have to level up and earn gold. To level up, you do assignments and work in the classroom. There are also these things called boss battles, which are basically a review of everything you already know or learned in class. Your assignments are called quests. You do your quests to get grades and gold, and if you have a pet, you can use them to earn more gold. There are also crystals. Crystals are used for power-ups to help you in boss battles. Power-ups are abilities you spend crystals to use. You also choose a class when you customize your character. The three classes are the mage class, the guardian class, and the healer class. The guardian is the fighter and has balanced health. The mage is a support class, and the mage gives crystals to others on their team. The mages also have low health and high crystals. The healer is the last class, and they’re also a support class. They heal their teammates and they have the most health and the lowest crystals.

In conclusion, Classcraft is a pretty cool learning website. It has fun properties and the material is easy to learn and somewhat interesting. I think more schools should consider using class craft, including outside of STEM class. It’s a good program that’s actually educational and interesting.