Students enjoy many popcorn flavors

The NJHS is having Popcorn Grams, no these are not grams of popcorn. They are bags of popcorn that you can send to people for a price. ( $2 each ). The flavors of popcorn are Caramel, vanilla, white cheddar, salsa-n-cheddar, yellow cheese, kettle corn, chocolate, and butter. To send one you must fill out the form. You will put who you are sending it to, your name, and the person’s first-hour teacher. 

What you do with the popcorn is up to you. many uses include; feeding it to the birds, eating it, turning it into a Christmas tree decoration, or mounting it to your wall. 


Gracie Repp: I like them. I especially like the Kettle Corn, it’s my favorite out of the given popcorn flavors.


Cameron Heidler said “I am very sad I didn’t get any popcorn. I have no idea what every flavor tastes like, But of all the flavors, I think I’ll like the white cheddar.”


Brandon Price-Bowring said “I like most of the flavors of popcorn, but my favorite flavor is vanilla and my least favorite is butter. I think that it is a good way to make money for the school.”


Necey Harvey “my least favorite flavor is the vanilla. My favorite flavor is caramel I enjoy popcorn very much the best way to spread the word is an announcement”


Jasmine Barry says”

my favorite flavor is chocolate and my least favorite is caramel”


Mystic Knight said “I liked the popcorn fundraiser it was good. my favorite flavor was the caramel, my least favorite was the butter I am not a big fan of plain popcorn.


The popcorn grams were a success and many people enjoyed the popcorn and all of the many flavors. The fundraiser was very popular and hopefully it will be back next year.