Do Sports Interfere With School?

Landon Brown and Logan Sanders


          Duncan middle school provides plenty of sports options, in the Fall, Winter, and Spring. Some of the more popular sports are: track, football, cross country, baseball, wrestling, and basketball. Most people play at least one sport for school, but do sports interfere with school work, time, and day to day life?


          Gabriel Spencer said sports affect his school time because they make him get home at a later time. Spencer is doing wrestling, and track. He said sports don’t interfere with school work because he does it during class. He said sports do interfere with his school time, because he has to leave early to go to tournaments.


          Felipe Villarreal said sports also interfere with his school time, and work, because he gets home at a later time than usual. Villarreal said he does wrestling. He said sports interfere with his school work because when he gets home he is tired and forgets to do his work. He said his sports interfere with his day to day life because it changes him as a person.


          Landyn Philips said sports affect his school life because it helps him get good grades. He said that he plays football, wrestling, and baseball. He said sports don’t make his school work harder, because it makes him work better to be eligible to be able to play. He said sports affect his day to day life because it takes away a lot of time from hanging out with friends.


          Summer Heavner said sports do affect her school time, because she misses school sometimes for tournaments. She said she plays volleyball, wrestling, and soccer. Heavner said it does interfere with her school work but it makes her get it done so she can be eligible. She said sports interfere with her day to day life because it makes her tired and it takes time away from her day.


          Blake Wilson said that sports interfere with his time and his work, because the games, and practices are usually after school, and he doesn’t have a lot of time to work on homework. Wilson plays basketball, and football. He says that he doesn’t really have time to hang out with his friends after practice, because they usually last until 4:30.


          In conclusion, sports impact students’ lives in a good way for many reasons, including: encouragement for getting work done faster, physical activities, and making new friends. Although, sports can interfere with school work, time, and even a student’s social life.