Are Cell Phones a Problem?

Logan Sanders, Student Life Editor

Recently at Duncan middle school cell phones have been a problem for students and teachers alike. Students have been distracted by their phones and not learning. Teachers are having trouble with teaching because students who are on their phones must have them taken and sent to the office.

Mr. Hightower says that phones have led to a lot of problems like drama on social media which distracts students from learning. Usually, students have a temptation to get on their phones during school hours and scroll through their Instagram. However, Hightower said that for now, they can have their phone as long as it is turned off. He said a possible solution that we have right now is to put phones in the lockers. He said that phones have always been a problem and every year something new happens on social media whether it be cyber bullying, drama, possible terrorism, Etc. He also said that usually, the office receives 12 to 15 phones a week.¨

Ms. Glasscock also says that “ Cell phones have always been a problem, and social media has been a big part of that,” Ms. Glasscock said, “For the longest time Students were allowed to carry their phones as long as it was out of sight, but now The only option we have to stop students from using their phones is to take them if they are seen.” She says that A possible solution to this is to put phones in lockers and if they are not they must be picked up by a parent or guardian. She says that “We have to enforce the phone rule, so one way we are enforcing it is that if the teachers see a phone they take it, and it is automatic Parent pick up “

Ms. Hurley says,¨I think cellphones are a big problem because it’s a distraction to student learning it causes drama, fights, bullying, and trouble, most students just don’t understand how important it is to keep their phones out of sight, and for some teachers, it is very angering that you tell them not to go on their phones and they do it anyway, a solution would be leaving them at home, or putting them in lockers.¨