Teen dating skating event teaches teens about healthy relationships

poster for preventing teen dating violence skating event put on by the safe center

brendan heilman

poster for preventing teen dating violence skating event put on by the safe center

Brendan Heilman and Lillian Thomason


Thursday (Feb. 17) there was a Skating event! It was an event put on by the Safe Center. The Safe Center is a woman/family violence shelter that helps victims of abuse. 


The event was about teen dating violence and how to prevent it. There were games over the important things you need to know and have while in a relationship. Such as boundaries, respect, and responsibility. 


Throughout the night they provided free pizza and water. Anyone there would get their skates and skate. Every few songs the hosts would put on little games about different things. One of the games you would spin a wheel and it would land on a random number. The host would look at the number and on the number would be a word (For example: Boundaries). Then everyone would give an example of a boundary they personally have. 


Plenty of students and even some teachers went to it.


Cheyandrea French says, “I loved it. It’s a chance for teenagers to get out of the house and learn about different things (in this case being in a safe relationship). It is also an opportunity for students to hang out with each other in a safe and controlled environment.”


Gabe Craig says “I enjoyed it, especially the skating.”


Wisk Miller says “I thought it was cool how Safe Center hosted something like that, and I liked how almost everyone got involved with the activites Safe Center hosted, like questions about healthy relationships. I just really liked being there.”


Brandon Price-Bowring said “I enjoyed it, and it was a good thing to teach you how to be in a healthy relationship. It was a good time to hang out with my friends.”