First Baseball game of the season loss

Brycen Maddox, Editor

The Duncan Demon baseball team had their first game on march first. Junior Varsity and Varsity both had a game against Marlow. Sadly both teams had lost, Junior Varsity lost 7-0, and Varsity lost 13-0.  Three players were interviewed after the game to see how it went. The first player to be interviewed was Lucas Fowler and he played on the Junior Varsity team. 

Fowler’s position is pitcher and center field. Fowler said he did not even get to hit in the game because there were so many people on the team and had gotten no outs. He was asked if his team did well and replied with “Heck no we played bad but I did good.” 

Second team member who had gotten interviewed was Avery Poucher. Avery played on Junior Varsity as well and scored nothing. Avery thinks that he did good but his team did really bad. He also said that the pitchers who played well were: Colin Sherrel who pitched for Varsity and Junior Varsity, Blaze Black who pitched for Varsity, Cord with Varsity, Claeb with Varsity, and lastly Bladen Harper on Varsity and Junior Varsity.

And third Riley Hunter. Riley did not get to lay because he was ineligible but he still got to watch the team. But his position is center field and thinks that the team did terrible but if he played he would have done good. But he thinks that Bladen did good pitching and that he is good himself.