Grades for Spring Break

The academic team has asked Duncan Middle School students about their grades and school subjects for Spring Break.  The students at Duncan Middle school answered the questions we asked them. We got answers from eighth-grade students. 

The first eighth-grade student the academic reporters asked was Ilan Diaz. Diaz says his grades have pretty much stayed the same, they only updated it twice, and it was for the better. Diaz said that he had completed all of his assignments before we went on break. Meaning he was caught up, unlike some students. Diaz’s teachers were pretty light on work/grades. Diaz was not ready to come back because of the tests and benchmarks that start after the break.  Over spring break Diaz stayed home most of the time, and on the last few days, he helped clean his grandfather’s house. Overbreak Diaz didn’t do anything relating to the school and doesn’t have any work to make up/catch up on since he finished everything before the break.

The second person the academic reporters asked was Nelly Wilkins. Wilkins said her grades were good because they were all over B’s. Wilkins did all of her assignments over break and some teachers would not grade them because they were late. Wilkins teachers were light and hard on work at the same time. Wilkins doesn’t wanna start the tests/benchmarks that we have to take after spring break. Wilkins went to her friend’s house, stayed home, and talked to her boyfriend over break. Wilkins does not have any work to make up/catch up on from before break since she did it all over break.

The last eighth-grade student we asked was Zekie Eckert. Eckert said that his grades were good over spring break. Eckert didn’t have any assignments over break. Eckert’s teachers were light on work before break. Eckert said he was not ready to come back and do the tests/benchmarks we have to do after a break like everyone else. Over spring break Eckert spent time with his family. Eckert did not do anything school-related over the spring break. Eckert does not have any work to make up or catch up on because he got it all done over spring break.