Enrollment for ninth-grade underway

Delilah Ballard and Charlee Lafee

The DMS eighth-grade students have been getting ready for the move to high school. Last week on Wednesday, Sherry Mcghghy came to talk to the students, about learning what they would need to take, and some other things too. Students were sent an email to fill out about what classes they would want to take, with electives, and sports. These students were supposed to have it done on Friday, and then Monday they can come in and do their academic plan. 

Katelynn Patterson, an eighth-grade student expresses how this enrollment is feeling for her. Patterson explained that it is challenging because she doesn’t want to take a class that doesn’t click with her. 

Delilah Ballard

She said, “ I am ready to go to high school but I don’t think I am ready for the classes and everything. I have a big possibility that I will be getting lost for the first week or so.” 

Katelynn Patterson believes that this process could be easier, more than having to do the campus portal thing. 

An eighth-grade student, Sebastian Morones, explains his thoughts and opinions about the enrollment process. He says he is excited to walk around campus so I don’t have to stay inside all day. Also, he gets to see his cousin Alex so he is happy about that. 

Morones said, “ I believe that AP classes like English should be 2 credits because you are working harder so it should count more. Also, I just want to get out of DMS, and I like the school more so yea.” 

Eighth graders are probably getting confused and don’t understand what classes are there and why they are there. Going to high school and getting a big move but they can do it. Students have a lot of classes that they can choose from, and a lot of the classes will get you ready to go to college. Most of the kids are taking Spanish due to you have to have that language or technology. But most students aren’t going to college for technology.