Science Benchmarks

The academic reporters asked eighth grade students about the science benchmarks. 

Three times every school year we have to do benchmarks. The benchmark that we just got done taking is the science benchmark. We had this benchmark after the math, english, and social studies benchmarks. Benchmarks are necessary and need to be taken for the school/state to see how well the students are doing.

An eighth grade student, named Kadyn Armstrong, answered some of the academic reporters’ questions. Armstrong thinks taking science benchmarks are necessary, because it shows what we know during that time. Armstrong was confident in himself, because when he was doing the benchmark he knew a lot of the questions. Armstrong says he is a little ify on the science benchmarks, because he knows it will help him, but it’s kinda annoying. Armstrong thinks it’s easy for him. Armstrong says that he did pretty well on the science benchmark.

The second eighth grade student that the academic reporters asked questions about the science benchmarks was Matthew Castillo. Castillo said it was necessary because it is so students can improve in science and see where you are at. Castillo was confident because he has done well in previous science assignments. Castillo kinda likes doing benchmarks because it can be difficult sometimes. Castillo said the benchmarks are easy for him. Castillo said he did well on the science benchmarks.  

The last eighth grade student that the academic reporters asked questions about this subject was Allie Foster.  Foster thinks that the science benchmarks are necessary, she did not state why she thinks this. Foster said that she was kind of confident in herself, but again she did not state why. Foster said that she doesn’t like doing the science benchmarks, and that she thinks some questions are hard. Foster said that she thinks that she did okay