Eighth Grade State Testing

The Academics reporters at Duncan Middle School asked eighth grade students about the state tests. The reporters got their opinions on feelings and academically.  The reporters asked about four students about state testing. 

The first person the Academic reporters  asked was Aimery Brady. Brady said he’s a little bit nervous about testing because you don’t know what the questions are going to be. Brady said thinks he will do well on the state test. Brady thinks they should not give work during state tests. Brady thinks it is necessary for the things you learned during school. Brady’s opinion determines where you should be, if you should move to the next level, stay or go to a lower grade level. 

The second person the academic reporters asked was Ceicil Jones. Jones said he is nervous about the state test because he thinks he will fail. Jones thinks he won’t do good since he is not very smart. Jones thinks they will give lighter work. Jone’s opinion is that the state test is bad. Jones thinks it shouldn’t be necessary because some kids won’t pass.

The third person the reporters asked was Filipe Villarrela. Villarrela isn’t nervous because it;s just another test for him. Villarrela thinks he will do good because he did good last year. Villarrela thinks they will give lighter work. Villarreal  doesn’t like the test, he likes to look at the score he gets after the test. Villarreal thinks the state test should not decide if you pass to the next grade or not.

The last student that the Academic reporters asked was Jordan Blake. Blake is nervous about state testing because it decides our future so it’s nerve racking. Blake thinks she will do pretty average because she has a really short attention span and is bad at listening. Blake hopes that the teachers will give less work since you don’t have as much time and stress as it is. Blake does not have any opinions on state testing, she just thinks that it’s scary and nerve reacting. Blake thinks that the state test should not be necessary to pass because test anxiety can ruin your grade.