Chromebooks Being Taken Soon


Chromebooks will begin to be returned on May 9th. It is usually a 2-3 day process. Usually chromebooks are picked up the first week in May, but because of state testing in that week it has been delayed by a week this year. “Each day untill the end of school I will be making announcements to return missing items and also checking to see which students have not returned their chromebooks.”  “I will make phone calls home during the last week of school and into the summer to parents/guardians reminding them to return their student’s chromebook, case, and cord.” During chromebook check-in students will be vacuuming and emptying trash out their cases, removing personal items, cleaning the screen and keyboard, and filling out a form for any damaged or missing items related to their chromebooks. Students will need to turn in their case, charging cord, and chromebook. Any damaged or missing items will need to be paid for as soon as possible. Students will not receive a chromebook the next year if there is a balance on their account for damaged or missing items. The chromebooks will be stored over the summer in the library and will be checked out to the same 6th and 7th grade student the next year. 8th grade students will receive a different chromebook at the highschool if their chromebook, case, and cord is returned to DMS in good condition or if damaged the student has paid for the damaged or missing items. 

It depends on what damage a student is on.  1st damage that is not intentional is free, next damage student pays 1/2 of repair costs and any damage after that is full amount of repair costs.




Top or Bottom cover-$29


Missing items students will have to pay for in full

charging cord-$14


Chromebook- $237.75