Easter Story

Delilah Ballard and Charlee Lafee

    Yesterday most everyone will be celebrating the beautiful day called Easter and individuals have their own beliefs and traditions on this day. Easter commonly has a tradition where there is an easter bunny, and that is what got little kids attached to this day. With the idea of hunting for the eggs which will have candy inside. 

    Blaze Black, a sixth-grade student, explains how he spent his Easter weekend. Black loves spending time with his family, and that’s exactly what he did  Sunday. 

    Black said, “I went to my great grandmas like I do for every holiday, hunt eggs, and eat. Also, I went to hide golden eggs with money inside for the adults because you’re never too old for hunting eggs. Also, it’s very funny to watch.”

    The reason Blaze Black celebrates easter is for the biblical reason, the celebration of Jesus rising from the grave. This is also his favorite part of Easter, he loves celebrating Jesus with his family. 

    Black says, “The celebration of Jesus is important because this is the day Jesus rose from the dead. Jesus is what it’s all about and everyone should keep their eye on him on Easter.”

    An eighth-grade student, Karley Alvarez, spreads her opinions and her traditions around Easter. She went to her grandparent’s house and hangs out with her family, and she helped hide for the little kids. 

    Alvarez said, “I think celebrating Easter is to spend time with family and noticing that Jesus died on the cross for our sins.”

    Karley Alvarez said she enjoys having this holiday because it is a chance to spend time with family despite the busy week she has. Her whole family just has a stressful schedule and she thinks it is nice to take a break from everything. 

    Easter is a different meaning to everyone because everyone has their minds wired differently and has contrary beliefs. Some believe that this is the day to spend time with family and celebrate the meaning of Jesus. While others believe that it is a day to spend time with family and hunt eggs. Neither of these is wrong and Easter is a day to do what you enjoy and love. What are your traditions for Easter Sunday? 

Blaze Black and Jaden Castillo pose and smile for a shot. (Delilah Ballard)