Demon Direct earned Highest Honors and All Oklahoman awards

Presley Sanders, Editor in Chief

This week, the Demon Direct website earned a high reward. The website received the Highest Honors and all Oklahoman. The total score was 898 out of 970, also classified as 93 percent. The judges were very impressed with the overall website and sent a paper on ways the website could be improved. 

The most common error that the judges mentioned was grammatical errors. Most stories weren’t proofread, which caused many point deductions to the overall score. 

“We can improve our site by proofreading more stories, along with following the judges’ suggestions,” says Derrick Miller.

Another popular error mentioned was pictures added to the stories. Many of the stories on the site include pictures that were unrelated to the story itself. The judges included that the pictures were unclear to them, and were hard to relate to the story topic. 

Logan Sanders, a seventh grader who is a part of the demon direct staff, was really excited about the win. He believes that the class earned the award, and hopes to win again next year.

“I’m excited that we won, because we worked really hard. I think next year we should do more videos, edit better, and improve our proofreading skills,” says Sanders.