The New Way Teachers Are Teaching Students With No Chromebooks

On May 9th, the Chromebooks will be taken away from 6th-8th grade. Reporters from the Academic Team  asked some teachers about what they will do after Chromebooks get taken away.  

The first teacher that the Academic reporters interviewed  was Mr. Pena. Mr. Pena said he has already printed out all the papers for the students and we are only doing six more assignments for his class. Mr. Pena will sometimes like it because they would listen more but not like it because sometimes they wouldn’t care to do the work he gives them. Mr. Pena thinks it would be more difficult without chromebooks because they can use their chromebooks to look up answers. Mr. Pena thinks the students will result in being on their phones which would cause big problems for the last couple of days.  Mr. Pena thinks it will be a mix, some students would not care but some would be a little upset.

The second teacher that the Academic reporters interviewed was  Mr. Alston.  Mr. Alston will be doing open discussions and watching some videos after chromebooks are gone. Mr. Alston will enjoy teaching after chromebooks are gone. Mr. Alston thinks it will not be more difficult when chromebooks are gone.  Mr. Alston thinks the majority of them would be fine but some wouldn’t be fine with it because they would like to play games or watch YouTube. Mr. Alston thinks they will get mad to write things down instead of typing it. 

The last teacher the Academic reporters asked was Mrs. Castle. Mrs. Castle said she will be teaching the same way because in her class they are doing projects hands-on. Mrs. Castle will like teaching after students have no more chromebooks because they will be finishing projects. Mrs. Castle said for the rest of the year, it would be difficult to teach without chromebooks. Mrs. Castle said it depends on what they are being asked to do in the classroom. Mrs. Castle thinks the students will be mad because they think writing it’s not easy and not fun.