The end of Volleyball season

Sofia Hernandez, Sports reporter

Pinky Greening hits the ball over the net getting the point (Monse )

On September 29th, the Duncan Middle School Volleyball Varsity and Main JV team played against Altus. Main JV played first, they won the first set of the game, in the second set they lost 19-25, they lost hope for a bit in the third set because Altus was winning the third set, but then they got some hope back and started catching up to Altus. It was tied 17-17, and everyone in the stands was anxious because whoever scored the next point would win the game, the girls on the court were nervous but still managed to play well. After a few seconds, one of the girls, Madison Punneo, served the ball, she got it over and got the point. Everyone in the stands got up and started cheering so loud, the Varsity girls got out of the stands and ran over to cheer with the Main JV girls, after Main JV got off the court and finished their game, it was time for the varsity girls to play, they warmed-up, they practiced passing, setting, attacking, and serving. They won the first set, in the second set they lost but they never lost hope, they continued playing great and always picked each other up after someone made a mistake. In the third set, the score was 14-14 and whoever got the next point wins the game, Makiyah Skinner set the ball over to Alexis Mejia, and Mejia went up and attacked it, she did an amazing attack and got the point and Varsity won their game. After celebrating and cheering their coach, Dillon Southerland gave both teams a little speech about how he loved practicing and teaching the girls this season. Skinner felt sad now that volleyball is over, she also thinks she’s gotten way better than on the first day of practice. Her favorite memory was winning the tournament. Victoria Lopez felt upset now that the season is over, but she’s grateful for all the friends she made over the season, she also thinks she got way better since the first day of practice, her favorite memory was winning the tournament. Addison Ranberg felt sad, but not that sad now that the season is over, she also thinks she’s much better than on the first day of practice, and her favorite memory was their first win at the beginning of the season. Now that volleyball season is over, hopefully, these girls stick to volleyball, they all played amazing this year. Hopefully the 8th graders, soon to be freshmen, continue playing volleyball during high school. Hopefully next year the same 7th graders continue playing volleyball when they are in 8th grade, so they can help the next incoming 7th grade girls. Let’s just hope all these girls stick to volleyball and hopefully they stick together. Hopefully, they get better every day.