Chocolate fundraiser

Amy Lopez, General News reporter

At Duncan Middle School they are having a candy bar fundraiser. The fundraiser ends on October 4, 2022. There are 30 chocolate bars, they are two dollars each. There are prizes for the number of boxes sold. There is a party bus that takes you to eat Mazzios Pizza. You have to sell three boxes to get to ride the party bus. Another prize some students are excited about is the Amazon gift card. One Amazon Gift Card is 100$ the other one is $250. The least liked prize by students is the slap bracelet. The Duncan Middle School Newspaper students interviewed six students that go to Duncan Middle School. The First-person interview was with Hayden Hice. He is doing the fundraiser and was asked why “I want to get more money for the school” he says that he also doesn’t care what prize he gets because he just wants to raise money to help the school. Hayden was asked, “How are you going to sell the boxes?” He says he is going to the Simmons Center parking lot and going to stores that people usually go to. 

The next person who was interviewed, Blair Eaton, wants to sell boxes to get prizes. His goal is to get the Playstation 5. Blair is going to sell chocolate bars at the apartments and wants to sell at least 3 boxes. The last person interviewed who was selling chocolates is Messiah Mathurin. She is selling chocolate bars because she wants to go on the party bus. Messiah is also going to Chisholm Corner to sell chocolate bars.


     Students who didn’t sell chocolate bars were also interviewed. Mylie Banuelos was interviewed and she said she wasn’t selling chocolate bars because she just chose not to. “I do like the amazon gift card though,” she says. Jensen Prince was also asked why he wasn’t selling chocolate bars he said “I don’t know I just didn’t want to.” He says his favorite chocolate bar is the caramel bar. Lastly, Kristina Ortiz was interviewed. She says she didn’t sell candy bars because she didn’t want to pay for a box if she didn’t finish selling the whole box. She does like the Minion Party bus though.