Honor Band prepares for competition

Bralin McCartney, Clubs Reporter

Maren Turkett was being interviewed for Honor Band. (Bralin McCartney)

The Duncan Middle School Honor Band is working on learning competition music to perform during the state competition this year.

Jeramy Haas, the band director, works hard to teach the Honor Band students songs that are more advanced than students learning in regular band.

To get into Honor Band, students have to go through the regular band and be skilled enough at their instruments to be accepted into Honor Band. They also have to go through an audition process to judge if they can handle Honor Band.

Honor Band performs and practices music designed to be played on a high school level.

Maren Turkett is one of the students who is part of the Honor Band.

Turkett said she likes being part of the Honor Band because the band’s music “more advanced than what the regular band classes at DMS would play.”

She said she enjoys being able to play her instrument with other students and learning how to play better and more accurately. Her biggest challenge is learning all the different musical notes.

She said she likes the instrument she plays and has a goal of learning fully how to play her instrument while improving her sound.

Another student involved in Honor Band is Brionna Jones.

Jones said the Honor Band learns marching band songs for sports and other activities.

For Jones, the biggest challenges in Honor Band are talking to seventh-graders and learning new notes. Her favorite things to do in Honor Band is to play her instrument, the clarinet.

She said her main goal is to be the best at clarinet.

The Honor Band is working on the song “Go Big Red,” which is the Duncan Demon the fight song.