Veterans Day assembly today

Jude Weightman and Cooper Beranek

Today United States citizens celebrate all our solider, both active and retired.

Chuck Wagner is one of the veterans working at Duncan Middle School. (Jude Weightman)

They honor those who fought for the red, white and blue throughout all the rough times and including the difficult moments in war. They honor those who are here, those who are not and those who fought to protect American freedoms and liberties.

Veterans Day is a day set aside to recognize veterans as heroes. Today, Duncan Middle School will be recognizing veterans during an assembly this morning. Various veterans and other guests were invited to attend the meeting, as a way to recognize the solders who fought and served on the battlefield.

Today’s assembly will feature Chuck Wagner, seventh-grade social studies teacher, as the guest speaker. Wagner is a veteran and is set to give a speech about Veterans Day during the assembly.

“Of course I’m proud to be a veteran,” Wagner said.

Veterans Day became a holiday after President Franklin D. Roosevelt declared it after the 20th anniversary of World War 1. The first Veterans Day was celebrated in 1947 in Birmingham, Alabama. It was held on Nov. 11, and it was designated Armistice Day.

In addition to Wagner’s presentation, various student groups are involved in the DMS assembly.

Student Council and National Junior Honor Society officers will be greeting veterans and guests. The band is set to perform “TAPS.” The Pitchforks Honor Choir will sing the “Star-Spangled Banner” and two other songs. The art classes and the History Club have also been helping with the planning of the assembly.

The assembly is the Duncan Middle School’s way of recognizing the nation’s heroes, while bringing the students’ attentions to the holiday and the veterans to honor.

The assembly is scheduled for the WIN period today.