OU vs. OSU

Bryson Burton, Sports Editor



Riley gets interviewed for Bedlam and tells what he feels about it. (Bryson Burton)


      Everyone is celebrating Bedlam in Duncan. There are two buckets one is OU and the other is OSU and you would put donations in the bucket you want to win. The bucket with the most donations wins the battle. When asked who will win Riley Hutton said OU will win and that Drake Stoops is his favorite player. When interviewed Keller Ashley said that he thinks OSU will win and Brandon Presely is his favorite player.

     On the day before Bedlam, everyone wears their team apparel. The game will be played at OU’s home stadium in Norman, Oklahoma. The game will start at 6:30 pm central time on Saturday, November 19, 2022. OSU won Bedlam last year, but OU leads the all-time series with eighty wins to OSU’s 20 wins with an additional 7 ties. OU is 5-5 and currently unranked. OSU is 7-3 and ranked 24 in the AP poll.

     OU has a new head coach for the program his name is Brent Venables whom was a previous coach for Clemson University. OSU’s head coach is Mike Gundy who has been with the program since 2005. The last time OSU beat OU two years in a row was 10 years ago. OU’s Quarterback is Dillon Gabriel. It is his first year with the team since transferring from the University of Central Florida.


     OU’s star player is Marvin Mims who plays Wide Receiver and is currently a Junior in college. OSU’s quarterback is Spencer Sanders. He has been with the program for the past four years and is a senior currently. He is also their star player. OSU needs to win this game if they want a chance in the Big 12 championship. Meanwhile, OU is fighting for a chance to make a bowl game. They will have to win this game and the next to make a bowl game. A bowl game is a game between two teams who have a similar record and it is usually two teams from different conferences.