Basketball faces Elgin, gets first wins for season

Eighth-grade boys fall to Owls

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Jackson Poage
Kindalyn Miller moves down the court during Tuesdays game.

Three of the four Duncan Middle School basketball teams picked up their first wins for the season, when they faced the Elgin Owls on Thursday.

Matthew Maytubby
Ayden Pennypacker and Camden Propest are two of the eighth-grade boys who play basketball for DMS.

Both seventh-grade teams and the eighth-grade girls team walked away with their first victories , while the eighth-grade boys undershot their opponent by 10 points. This is the second game for all the teams, and the first victory for three of them. Each lost Tuesday to Lawton Mac.

Shantika Scott, who coaches the girls, said her players showed improvement over Tuesday’s game, where they ended with a loss of 16-28 against Lawton Mac.

“They played better than Tuesday and had way more energy and more effort,” Scott said.

The seventh-grade girls had the biggest win of the teams, with a 41-7 victory. The eighth-grade girls won 35-13 against the Owls.

Scott said she thinks the girls practice hard and play just as hard as if they were in a game. She said she would like to see the defense more aggressive, but she is proud of how well they played. In a given afternoon, the girls practice about two hours after school.

Pullquote Photo

We were beast.”

— Callen Villagrana

Callen Villagrana, a seventh-grade player, said her team dominated the competition through teamwork, dedication and playing their hardest.

“We were beast,” Villagrana said.

The seventh-grade boys also experienced their first win of the season, ending Thursday’s game 32-25.

“We played really well, and we did good on defense,” Jaxon Butler, seventh-grade player, said.

The eighth-grade boys did not win Thursday game, instead losing 41-51 to Elgin. In their game against Lawton Mac, they missed victory by three point, ending Tuesday’s game at 42-45.

The DMS basketball teams will face Cache on Nov. 25. The boys will play at Cache with seventh grade starting at 5 p.m. and eighth grade starting at 5:45 p.m. The girls will be at home with seventh grade playing at 5 p.m. and eighth grade starting at 5:45 p.m.