Weather causes golf tournament postponement

Abby Carter, Sports Reporter

Hayden Davis
Kase Spivey and JJ Gregston play golf for Duncan Middle School. The first golf tournament got postponed because of weather.

The first golf tournament of the season for Duncan Middle School was postponed because of weather.

Some of the golf team members were disappointed about the delay. Eighth-graders JJ Gregston and Kase Spivey said had different opinions about the postponement.

Gregston said she was happy the tournament got canceled because she has not been playing well and needs more practice. But because of the weather, she hasn’t been able to practice.

Spivey on the other hand was disappointed about not getting to play in the tournament because he wanted to miss school. He said he doesn’t think things getting canceled has affected anything.

Both said they are excited about the next tournament and hope it doesn’t get canceled, too.