Gibbs’ series a favorite

Ava Miller, Managing Editor

I recently read a book called “Spy School British Invasion,” which is part part of a seven-book series by Stuart Gibbs. It is definitely my favorite book series.

Ava Miller

It is about a kid named Ben who has been in the spy school academy for two years. He is very afraid to carry any weapons and has no idea how to use any of them. He even received an “N” on his last weaponry test. The professor said that the N stood for “Never give this kid a weapon of any kind.”

But his crush, Erica, has an entire utility belt full of them and knows exactly how to use them. They have to fight an evil organization that wants to cause chaos and mayhem to all, called “SPYDER.”

Typically the way the book works is everyone is having a normal day, and then Ben gets called for a mission. Erica wants to chime in and always does. Next, for about 100 pages, they are spending time trying to figure out what SPYDER is up to. Then, Ben, Erica and his friends try to infiltrate wherever they think SPYDER is holed up in.

They typically never capture anyone though, because all enemy agents get away.

The books are very exciting and comedic.

Gibbs actually has another book in the series that will be released October 6.