‘West of Loathing’ brings humor to RPGs

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Editor

“The West of Loathing” is a hilarious slapstick comedy “adventure real-time-strategy turn based fighting RPG.”

Brendan Heilman

The game takes place in the Wild West, as you leave home after “the cows came home.” As you travel, you meet funny characters, such as Cactus Bob, Gary, Emperor Norton (carrier of the Norton Ant-Eye Virus) and a creepy, possessed doll that tries to make you have tea party with a chalice of blood.

You meet a gang of bandits in a fake town or a ghost pickle factor, and you fight various enemies.

It’s an interesting story and a good game with interactive RPG game play. That can be a good time waster.

I give “The West of Loathing” a 10 out of 10.