‘WALL-E’ ranks among best Disney movies

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

“WALL-E” came out in 2008, and it has been my favorite Disney movie for a few years.

Katelyn Young

This movie goes many years ahead of the current year, and the world has been left behind as everybody moved to space. They left robots called the WALL-Es to clean up the Earth, while they were gone. The world ended up not getting cleaned, and the people remained in space for many years.

WALL-E ended up finding a plant, and Eva comes and finds him. The movie continues on from there.

The movie is my favorite because WALL-E is so nice and fun, and it brought me a lot of happiness.

WALL-E is such a cute character and is definitely one of my favorite Disney characters. There is this little cockroach that is probably my second favorite character. I do feel bad for WALL-E because he’s been lonely by himself on Earth with just a cockroach.

Many people don’t like the movie because they don’t watch it all the way through, and they think it’s boring. I think if you just wait and give it a chance, it’s really good.

The movie is really funny because in the beginning WALL-E finds all of this stuff that he doesn’t know what it is. Wall-E tries to protect Eva at all cost, and I think it’s really cute because they fall in love.

Also, I cried when I first watched this movie; so be prepared.

The ending is the best because they end up coming back to Earth, and it show some clips of plants growing and growing each time. I wish they would make a second one that showed what happened after they fixed up Earth.

Even though it’s an older movie, it’s still the best. I will recommend it to anyone.