Book features life changing moment

Ava Miller, Editor in Chief

Right now, I am reading “Izzy Willy Nilly.”

Ava Miller

It is about a teenage girl, who is on the cheer squad, nice and has a ton of friends. That is all until one night when she was getting a ride home from someone and the car CRASHED. She was in the hospital, and when she woke up again, she was unaware that she had lost one of her legs, until her friends came to visit her.

They all had weird faces on and she had no idea why. Then her and her friends had an argument, so she pushed away the tray table that had been on her lap, discovering why her friends had been so horrified.

Now she too was horrified.

It is at that moment that she realized that her life would be different forever. So she begged to go home where she knew she would get better, but the doctors said that she would have to wait another two weeks and do physical therapy for that time as well.

While she was in the hospital, one of the girls from her class came to visit her, her name was Roseamunde (Rose-a-mun-de). She helped Izzy feel better and helped pass the time by stopping in occasionally and playing games with her.

When Izzy finally got to go home, nothing was the same like she thought it would be. The stairs were now a big ramp on the front porch, and she has her own bedroom, which was supposed return to her parents when she got better. Her sister was back to the same old annoying person she was.

That is as far as I have gotten in the book, but I promise to write about the ending next time.