‘Last of Us 2’ doesn’t live up to the original

Brendan Heilman, Clubs Editor

“The Last of Us 2” is the sequel to “The Last of Us.” It took 13 years to be released, and I expected a lot; maybe too much.

(Seriously, don’t read this unless you have played the game/ don’t care about spoilers.)

Brendan Heilman

(I’m warning you; don’t.)

I think they killed off too many characters, even Joel, in the first hour of the game. I wish that they didn’t.

The graphics were phenomenal, but it just tanked. It was pretty bad.

I wish they would not have killed off Joel, at least until later in the game. But it was good game; not as bad as “Superman 64,” but still not as good as the original.

I’m giving 7.384957 out of 10 for it not living up to the original.