Students get politically minded

Sydney Miller and Presley Sanders

Duncan Middle School students may not be old enough to vote, but many of them had opinions on the presidential election, voting and politics in general.

Ava Miller believes voting is important and thinks more people should take part in the voting process. (Sydney Miller)

Gracie Theibaud, wasn’t really involved in the election and isn’t sure if she will vote when she is older. However, Theibaud said she doesn’t really mind who wins the election and hasn’t formed an opinion on who she favors.

In Oklahoma, President Donald Trump garnered more votes and took the electoral college. However, the U.S. presidency is still undecided, and former Vice President Joe Biden currently holds the majority of the electoral college votes that have been announced.

According to the Oklahoma State Election Board website, voter turnout was at 69.25 percent of registered voters.

Corbin Waid tries to be aware of what’s happening in the world, especially when it comes to the election. (Sydney Miller)

Theibaud said she thinks voting is important, but she doesn’t feel that she is old enough to establish an opinion yet. She said she watches the news occasionally, but she doesn’t not fully understand everything being said.

Seventh-grade student Corbin Waid also wasn’t involved in the election, but he said he will definitely vote when he gets older.

Waid formed an opinion on who he wants to win the presidential election and knows who he wants as the next president. He said his parents voted and keep themselves updated on the election.

He said he sometimes watches the news, but it depends on what’s going on.

Although she wasn’t involved in the election process this time around, eighth-grader Ava Miller said will definitely vote when she gets older.

“I do have a personal opinion on who wins,” Miller said. “But I’d rather not share it to avoid conflicts.”

She said voting when you’re older is important and thinks it gives everyone a say in what’s going on in the world. Still, she doesn’t like watching the news because it scares her at times.

“This debate is risky business,” Miller said.

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