‘Spider-Man PS4’ lives up to the hype

Spencer Carter, Clubs Reporter

Spider-Man PS4” was a hyped up game that lived up to the expectations.

Spencer Carter

The 2018 game, which of course came out for the PlayStation 4, featured the Sinister Six, which includes fan-favorite villains such as Vulture, Doctor Octopus and Electro, alongside some underrated Spider-Man villains such as Rhino, Scorpion and the Shocker.

Will Spider-Man, Miles Morales, live up to the same expectation?

From what we know about Spider-Man Miles Morales, there will be a tie in comic book series that will hopefully explain why Peter Parker, Mary Jane and Norman Osborn look like their Sam Rami movie counterparts. But there are also two shocking details. Miles Morales will have the electricity power that he normally has in the comics. The other detail is more of a rumor than a fact, and that is that the game will include Prowler and the Tinkerer, which I am excited for.

Hopefully we get an answer to the post-credit tease at the end of “Spider-Man PS4,” which teases Venom (Harry Osborn) and the Green Goblin (Norman Osborn), although we don’t know if it’s the ultimate Green Goblin or the Rami Green Goblin. Hopefully it is the monasteries ultimate Green Goblin.

Also, you can play as a street light via a glitch.