‘Grinch’ among best Christmas movies

Katelyn Young, General News Editor

Christmas is coming around the corner; so that means it’s time to start watching those Christmas movies.

Katelyn Young

“The Grinch” is one of my favorite “Grinch” movies. I mostly like it because it is animated. I prefer animated movies more than realistic movies.

The movie came out in 2018, and it is 1 hour and 32 minutes long. It’s marked under family and animation. You can watch it on Netflix, and you can rent it on Amazon Prime.

My favorite character is Max the dog because he is so cute. I also like Cindy Lou Who because she is so cute and kind in this movie.

Any of the “Grinch” movies are definitely my favorite Christmas movies. The movie is very funny and has many jokes. It is a great movie for a family to get together and watch.

I love the cast; their voices fit perfectly with the characters. I have not watched this movie a lot, but I plan on watching it more than once this Christmas.

This movie can still be sad in some parts but it is mostly happy. I like it because it explains why the Grinch doesn’t like Christmas.

I recommend this movie to anyone because I think anyone and everyone can enjoy this movie.