‘Christmas Chronicles 2’ doesn’t live up to first film

Christmas Chronicles 2” is not as good as the first one.

Katelyn Young

I think it is weirder, and I feel like it doesn’t go with the first one. It has the same characters as the first one.

It is about this elf who ran away from Santa and is trying to get back into the North Pole to steal the star of Bethlehem. So like the first one, the main girl in the movie has to save Christmas with Santa.

More characters are introduced in the movie like Mrs. Claus.

I really just don’t like the storyline of this movie. But I also like it because it has the girl go through real-life problems teenagers go through just like her.

It is still a great movie to watch with your family, but not everyone will enjoy it.

I think mostly kids would enjoy this one just because some of the acting wasn’t great. There was a singing part in the movie like the last one, but I didn’t like the song as much; it didn’t give me as many Christmas vibes.

My favorite characters were still the elves. They were still feisty but small.

Overall the movie wasn’t that bad, but it was also not good. If you want to watch it you can watch the first and second one on Netflix.