Obsession with amigurumis could lead to business venture

Sydney Miller, Academics Editor

As you all probably know based on previous stories, crocheting is a hobby of mine.

Sydney Miller

Recently, my obsession with amigurumis (knitting/crocheting mini figures, dolls, or animals) has gotten a lot bigger, and I’ve considered making some to sell.

I would say Ava Miller and her crochet blanket business has definitely inspired me to want to start making little amigurumis to sell, as she is a good friend of mine and I think her business is neat!

Amigurumis take a lot of time and effort to make, especially for me with my busy schedule, so that would put a dent in the process of trying to make several for selling. Currently, I’m testing out my crocheting skills by making a schnauzer dog for a friend, and it’s taken me hours after hours just to get the back done.

If I were to make amigurumis to sell they would have to be small, given my busy schedule and how long it’s taken me just to do a portion of a medium-sized dog.

I would sell amigurumis for birthdays and other holidays, like an animal holding a balloon or a Valentines Day bear of some sort. I am soon about to order a pack of plastic button eyes and noses for the animals I would make for some added detail.

This “business” is just something I hope to do sometime soon, if my schedule allows it. I’ll hope to get a big head-start when I have free time during summer, so I’ll have loads of figures to sell by the time the season ends.