‘Big Hero 6’ needs a sequel

I love the movie “Big Hero 6.”

Katelyn Young

I just wish they came out with a second movie. There are rumors that they are making a “Big  Hero 7” coming out on Nov. 6, 2022, but it has not been clarified.

“Big Hero 6” is about Hiro, and the robot his brother made going through some major events. It came out in 2014, and is marked under Comedy and Family. It is one hour and 48 minutes long, and you can watch it on Disney+ with a subscription or on TV; some channels are playing it. 

The movie is filled with many jokes, and Baymax the robot makes it even funnier. My favorite character is Baymax because he brings so many more jokes. My favorite part is when Baymax said, “We jumped a window.”

The cast did a great job their voices fit great with the characters, especially whoever had the voice of Baymax. The movie has a great story line.

I hope they come out with a second one because I loved the first one. There is a cartoon on Disney+ that is like a sequel; it is called “Big Hero 6 the Series.” It was really good, but I didn’t like how it ended.

I think this is a great movie for families, so I would recommend it to anyone.