‘Cars 2’ brings fun, adventure

I love all of the Disney Pixar “Cars” movies, but my personal favorite is “Cars 2.”

Katelyn Young

In “Cars 2,” Lightning McQueen and Mater have many adventures when they head overseas for the first Grand Prix. Mater meets spies and goes on an adventure, while Lightning McQueen is trying to win the race.

“Cars 2” came out in 2011 and you can watch it on Disney+. It is marked under Family and Comedy and it is two hours long.

Many people do not like it because it is not all about racing and it has other adventures, but that is why I like it. Mater is my favorite character in all of the movies; he brings many more jokes and fun to the movie. Mater goes through problems of people judging him and doubting him, but he ends up bringing a lot of help. 

The cast voices fit the characters great in all the Cars movies.

I like the movie because there is a lot of action and there is always something going on. I also like it because Mater gets to prove himself to everyone.

I think this is a great movie, I would recommend this to anyone especially families because this is a great movie for kids.