Food drive ends Friday

Karsen Cogburn, Sports Reporter

Representatives from Southwest Therapy Solutions donate a large amount of food for the DMS food pantry. (Ava Miller)

The Duncan Middle School is having fundraiser after running low on food for the food pantry, and one individual has been helping since the start, Ava Miller.

During her library aid hour, which is third hour, she works on making bags for the kids and getting the pantry organized. The pantry has been accepting food donations, and NJHS students were given the opportunity to earn service points by donating to the cause.

“A lot of people have donated to the school for kids,” Miller said. “Southwest Therapy Center gave us thousands of food items. It’s cool to see the Duncan community serve and help out the kids.”

Because of the lack of food, NJHS had a food drive to help it worked they had eight thousands snacks, food, and cans. 

Counselor Bubba Clark said he was glad to see the students, teachers and community members coming together to suppose the school food pantry.

“I love seeing the community and student coming together being selfless and caring for the kids who are less fortunate,” Clark said. “This is something that I love seeing the people in this school and community help out with the food pantry.”

Miller will continue to help with the food pantry. Sometimes, she calls some people to help her.

As of Feb. 28, NJHS’s involvement in the food pantry has ended, but people can still donate to the food pantry at any time. I

The food drive started during the first week of February. This drive helped many students and their families. Every Friday they call for anyone to come and grab a bag of food.

After this they will be getting the normal shipments of food that they order.