An inside opinion on shoes

Logan Sanders, Student life reporter

Shoes are cool.

There are many brands such as Nike, Adidas, Under Armor, Vans and so much more. With these many brands there are many shoes to go along with them.

Logan Sanders

Some of my favorite shoes are Adidas, which usually specializes in soccer cleats, but they also make good tennis shoes.

There are other shoes that are used for sports too, such as basketball shoes. Basketball shoes are usually expensive, but for a good reason. They look good, are comfortable and have good performance on the court. I have two pairs of basketball shoes: One of the pairs is Kyrie Irving Flytrap 3’s and the other pair is Lebron Witness 4.

You can usually find shoes in any store, but designer shoes such as Gucci, Yeezy, and Louis Vuitton can only be found in their stories. I’ve never worn any of these shoes, but I have seen other people wear them. Personally I think that Vans shoes are the best, I have five pairs of Vans, and I love to wear them. Vans are relatively cheap at a price of 60$, and look good too.

Custom shoes are great, you can pay someone to make your shoes of choice look better, or you can do it yourself. Nike Air Force 1 shoes are one of the more popular shoes to customize, mostly because of the white color scheme and the endless possibilities you can add to them.

I have a lot of flip flops and slides, they are usually worn around the house or at the pool when it is open. They aren’t that great for wearing outside, especially in bad weather. Crocs are like slides but they stay on better since they have the strap on the back. In conclusion, shoes are great and are used for just about everything.