‘COD’ proves better than ‘Fortnite’

Bralin McCartney, Clubs Reporter

“Call of Duty” is better than “Fortnite.” After all, “COD” has better guns and fighting.

“COD” has changed and updated in better ways than “Fortnite.” For instance, “Fortnite” keeps adding all these nasty anime characters that I think look super dumb.

Bralin McCartney

But the updates aren’t the only problems with “Fortnite.”

One of the biggest problems is “Fortnite” players rage too much if you beat them.

“Fortnite” also has problems with other things, like their guns. They get new guns and stuff but they always add the same stuff to the gun just to change the design like come up with something new.

Although “Fortnite” has it flaws, the game is pretty good, and it’s always fun to listen to kids raging and breaking their controllers.

“COD” on the other hand is the best game ever online.

The only “COD” that is not good is WWI and the newest one.

They also have good guns and their maps are also super good. My favorite map is Nuketown. My favorite guns are snipers and light mission guns. I also like to do trick shots with knives and axes.

They also have good campaigns in the game. I like to do all the missions before I play online “COD.” It is super fun.