Clubs build interest in school

Maddie Caldwell, Clubs Reporter

This is what Kenzie Waggoner said about why clubs are important!!

It is important for schools to have clubs because it helps get students involved.

This is eighth-grade student Kenzie Waggoner’s thoughts on why Duncan Middle has clubs.

“Clubs help people find out what they are interested in, and they are very important,” Waggoner said.

Clubs are things that get students learning by helping them build leadership and teamwork skills, she said.

With various clubs, teachers and other sponsors try to give students ways to be involved at DMS. Waggoner said clubs give students another reason to come to school and provides more interest in the school atmosphere.

“If clubs weren’t apart of my school life I wouldn’t like it because academic classes aren’t usually fun, and clubs give you a fun break,” she said.