Students remember Science Club

Club ended with close of 2017-18 school year

Tres Culberson and Jentry Seeberger

Nicholas Kachnik
Jeanna Russell, Science Club, adviser sells T-shirts to raise money for Science Club in 2017.

Jeanna Russell was the leader of Science Club at Duncan Middle School and took on the responsibility for many years. However, when Russell retired at the end of the 2017-18 school year, no one picked up the mantel, causing the Science Club to dismantel.

There are no students in Science Club this year because there is no Science Club, a group that was a part of the Duncan Middle School way of life since 1991.

Now, the club has joined many other former clubs for DMS, including Chess Club, the Dragons and the Service Club, all of which were a part of the school culture at one point.

In Science Club, students were educated about science through various projects. It was also through the Science Club that students were able to work in the garden, which has since come under direction of the Demon Direct staff.

And while there may not longer be Science Club at Duncan Middle School, the legacy continues to inspire many of its former members. Conner Channel, an eighth-grade student at DMS, said he looks fondly back at his time in the club.

Channel was in Science Club during the 2017-18 school year. He said there were not a lot of people in the club, but he enjoyed it because of the science projects and because he had a chance to meet new people.

Science Club met monthly in the science lab, and Russell would lead various activities. And with the end of the club’s time, questions can be posed.

Do students want to see the Science Club make a return? What would it take to bring it back? Who would be willing to lead the club going forward?

While this questions may not be answered at the moment, there is always a possibility this is not the last anyone has heard of Science Club at Duncan Middle School.