Green Club gets garden grooming going

Bryce Chaires, Clubs Reporter

The Green Club has started clean-up efforts in the Duncan Middle School garden.

This year marks the return of the Green Club, which hasn’t been available at DMS since the 2010-11 school year. This year’s club goals are to renovate the school garden and introduce a recycling program.

The club meets every Monday during Late Start Monday, which is the time set aside for core teacher PLC. In the last few weeks, Green Club has worked to establish club basics.

“We are deciding on a T-shirt design and a school wide recycling program,” vocal music teacher Mark Monteith, who is Green Club sponsor with journalism teacher Derrick Miller, said.

This is the second time in as many years where a group has attempted to bring the garden back to its former glory. Last year, the Demon Direct staff took on the project by pulling weeds and addressing overgrown areas.

Nov. 12 was the first work day of the Green Club and took place after school. The revamping efforts began with cleaning out the pond and cleaning up greenery.

Monteith said that in one of the recent meetings the Green Club elected officers. This year’s officers are president Valencia Romines, vice president Julian Sorenson, secretary Raven Hunter, treasurer Nevaeh Kamrath and reporter Sydney Miller.

Each were elected by a majority vote of club members.

Monteith said there are a lot of people in the club.

“We had at least 50 people sign up but about 30 ended up showing,” he said.

The most recent meeting of the club was Monday, when the club members looked through submitted T-shirt ideas. They voted and selected a design with the theme “Lettuce Turnip the Beet.” In all, about six designs were submitted by club members.

Monteith said there are plenty of plans going forward, including seeking donations and fundraising. And every week includes new details for benefiting Duncan Middle School.

“We’re going to help pick the school area for teachers and staff (next week),” he said.