Band prepares for district contest

Aspen Condit and Ixchel Sepulveda

On Feb. 25th, the Duncan Middle School Seventh and Eighth-Grade Band will go to the district contest. The contest will take place at the Duncan High School Auditorium.

The band will start practicing on their music in the beginning of January until the end of February. The songs they’re playing is “Zodiac” and “The Capitol March.”

All throughout January and most of February, the band will be practicing to perfect the music in hopes of getting the best rating. At first the band will have to play their two songs, then they’ll have to do sight reading. Sight reading is when the band goes into a room, has to read brand new music for 8 minutes without playing it and then play to their best abilities.  The highest rating is a 1 and the lowest is a 5.

Last year they made a one on both challenges, meaning they were the best in the district.

Eighth-grader Jessica Hernandez said, ‘’I think we’ll do pretty good. We have an amazing band. We just have to practice.’’

She said her favorite song so far was “Zodiac.”

“In my opinion, it seems fun, but I just need to practice because no one is perfect.”